Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fog Faust's Body Smell.

the subtly sinister austerity of the longest room
was not dispelled by the presence of the liar, but
one was tempted to call the austerity something else,
but what?

there was a clean, and highly polished veneer of
long sloping emptinesses bordered by a simple
and smoothly dimpled ridge often punctuated
by something not remotely resembling any
known cliché's.

in the presence of the liar, even the standardized
curls of his late, modern coiffure, so disingenuously
displayed against the endless screen of some material
so obviously not fashioned by human hands, but by
ages upon ages of water washing smooth whatever
mineral it was made of. there were no grotesque images
of young boys whose forearms had been replaced with
elongated thistles from which diaphanous opossums
supped through fluted snout palps, nothing like that,
and one's sentences drifted off in confused striations
like calls posed in jest while walking along some ledge
above which were poised more ledges with others
doing the same.

there was a clean, sinister space of omen-like presence
in the drifting pages which blew past the liar's face as it
gazed out the natural window of nameless stone, the horizon
beyond his oracle of fierce indifference whose name dwelled
within the liar's heart as a kind of inverted thing, but a thing
like an object with solidity, the solidity of self-questioning
only hampered by the solidity of self-answering. To lie
was to unyoke the non-instrumentality of things from their
own definition, and to recognize in the soul a shoe, or the
flatness of all not beyond the mere surface of show, the ageless
caveat of rare terra's terrarium aria married to dear ramifications
of a mere return to earth as substance's journeying otherness,
self. sole sun. sun soon consoling the endless spring's churning

the liar was non-plussed. the longest room held its sinister
austerity. the milky bladders were stacked into an incredible
form. i sacrificed him there upon the picture stone, and made
an idiotic shape upon the humming taut bladders so cool, cruel,
and indelible.

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