Monday, January 19, 2009

milfs i like to grate

i grate you up cheese hips
see this timed exegesis
of chinese abortion soup
Milton's Burl plays Godfather
with pickled punk bling
and the 1st Edition of
Geek once owned by Ozzy

if you think anything is really
offensive try liking the scurdle
or the scrudle

the scrudle don't mind
chicken meat baby heads
at all whereas the

have alot in common
with teen rape enthusiasts
though both are purely

Zelda Fitzgerald!
Zelda Fitzgerald!
Zelda Fitzgerald!
I have seen Medusa
suckling a baby Pope
on her dread-dong-nagas..

Any old woman with a
Louis Comfort Tiffany,
Any old man with a
Bugatti, might be caught
roisting a fatwee..

gabœ (cavilla) cum see!
gabœ (cavilla) cum see!

A baby of the French Royals
aborted. A Chinese baby consumbed
by an old man who married
a teenage. A lion with gills
is a girl who meets three
boys in an alley called

Henricus Bebelius
Eating hair.
Ornery Rebellious
Eating hair.
Eating gray hair.

Even a raccoon
can wash its hands.

Even a stupid
evil old Chinese Lutheran
Folly Murner Ming Gala
can invent legalism
which has said

Scrudles cannot enter
the Wack Fang Garden today
Man is Basically evil
(but Woman intrinsically so)

for about 3000 years now..

It's true I could cut off the entire
inteironet with one blow
through its head, my own now serving

as a large illuminating carbuncle..

Boasts are entertaining in the gabby haze
and very "hiss-stored-in-calls"

all these entrails say the same thing:


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