Sunday, January 18, 2009

Re: "Ann Lauterbach"

To continue this abit: See, like in the Jerk,
you know with Steve Martin, he finds his purpose.
Humanity actually doesn't have one of those.
I mean it could, say, like this: Say there
was this alien people of incredible technology
grace, literature, yadda, a real G.I. Joe with
all the accessories, and they lived exactly
200 million light years straight out in the
direction of the north pole, I mean their
world was pin-pointed by the position of
the Earth's axis right at the time you are
reading this, and these cats had found this
like amazingly ancient artifact at a place
100 trillion parsecs in the direction from
their axis, but it's like this puzzle box
that needs a key. Guess what! We're the key!
I mean you have to physically insert a man
and a woman into these cool relief sarcophagi
art function things in the outer design of
this like weird cool looking giant artifact
which is actually bigger than our world. Okay,
now that would be a 'purpose' for humanity.
We'd be a 'key'.. Unfortunately, we are probably
the most structurally advanced things in the
universe, and we are strictly in




I mean that is basically it. I mean it is sort
of a bummer, but like, you know, it is what it is,
and like none of any of your sort of really 'on the ground'
normative thinking is going to change that. You can lie
to people for awhile and try to hide the fact
that normativity doesn't exist. You can entrain them
and entertain them to portray all kinds of normativities,
but these are micro-normals compared to the collective
abby-normal which is our Marty Feldman world.

We're google-eyed space monsters
and there is just no getting around that.

I'm sorry Lady. It's just the facts.

"Just the facts, Ma'am.."

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