Thursday, January 8, 2009

There Is No Isego in Calliope, And There is Mo Jake In Mark Lake Bake..

an avant-garde
made just for mommies
and daddies

a revolutionary front
made for drunkards
and fools

a language made
for wee-wees
and tuckusses

and a sneeze
made for
whoever you pleez

goodness me
goodness me

I put up a pylon like a tree
a spiral membrane into the sky

a replica of a brain (all intestine-like and inflatable)
a wholly perfect invention like a club [insert quote from Arcades Project]
and good for high altitude parties (see aerodynamic tricorne hovercrafts arriving)

the uncreatives
are violent, staid,
witty, or plaid

they give out onto magnificent
green plazas of bocce ball
where long white clown shoes
speak Italian like horses made of

how many statues
do you think I can think of
in an hour

how many worlds
could I have made
If I were



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