Saturday, January 17, 2009

Teraptogen Joe

See The Process Log of the making of Teraptogen Joe
over here at Gnoisetext.

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you cannot call the dowry a sty

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iota do! mule and cart! No Siamese Piano Time!

All the Laws are printed on his tie! A Hen'sbane from Egypt!

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miss snail "go steep's.lay, I inns autos groin
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penis marimba reels ltd.

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do-cubic evoking tats n'ebncat to gassocudin' as faith

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aim to hurl editor
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the key seer name of
aired yen's ice trout and cooked a potable
gas-oolong in a carol of naphtha

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to?Hearne rim raj of ail autism equation

did law nourish no' fission, chins séance" woman?

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to law tins of man eye a tat ion by no ) lice

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a gauche gooey to sans rest!

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up who rook at Ana kop earache yes
out omni so aioli nanny run

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we word key!

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a law

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air Saab

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I no new no
bus trey

I be a onco tee go
he of ilk

no is he (noisy)

I a so a (a sewer) (thread and poop)

as we


as wee to a 2

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