Saturday, January 10, 2009

Detainees: Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (6/7)

Detainees: Seven Contemporary Italian Poets (6/7)

Great Stuff by Michele Zaffarano translated by Linh Dinh

If I could select what kind of 'straightening out' I should get
as an errant child, or 'bad kid' these poems would be it.

I don't know how to say it. This is the level
that ideology should be on. I am pretty stalwart
unto the bugles of the weird, I am willing to do
things, to say things that get me into trouble
just to illustrate the prickliness and rickliness,
the ruckliness and fugliness of bootifuel long wags{{{
but that's~

but on a cold day
it's nice to have a fuzzy fleece or a poem
like one of these...

I don't speak Italian, but I sometimes speak
a faux Italian, and I used to go around saying

Ti Spaco Le Face for years

which means

I'll smash your face!

It is something from an Italian gameshow.
An Italian friend of mind taught me to say

"Boogiamo" which means "Let's boogie.."

which means "let's go"..

I use that word Boogiamo just about every day..

To me, it isn't the fertile crescent which
is the cradle of modern [western] intelligence, but Rome,

Rome itself is a kind of tribute to my weird aesthetic
and illustrates it

my version of iconism / total syntax / kryptiq amoebism

ROME is in Italy
which is shaped like a BOOT

What "is" language?

It {is} a lie!


a tally!

a mark! x(t) [variable over time]

an ally!

People have been in shoes
for Forty Thousand years..

roam, roam, o ye merry miracles!

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