Friday, January 16, 2009


a detailed balloon head
is held aloft by the pressurized
helium in its veins, no, it's
pressurized hydrogen
like the hundenborgia~

the tender porsche~

i see them emit or vomit
men of war, such poetry geese
in formation

for propaganda

for entrainment

for pictory

for Virth

I wrote a treatise today on how justice is all
just mediated revenge. Time only flows one direction.
If I published it, it wouldn't be written.

I wrooted out another tourette today on how
in fact
Civilisation in its correct sense
will never exist until
the notion of the nation is abolished

not by force
but by

"SHEESH, That was fucking stupid.."

A single semiotic phenomenon whose substrate
can be described by careful physics and usefuel
metaphors like light, energy, these things can be worked out

Civilisation will not occur until there is a Vivification
of what we are
and until that thing unites us
as a cause celebre

Civilisation will not exist until
A single star replaces the earth

The only one like it in the heavens

A star where instead of flames only
of molten metal and hydrogen
or whatever

consciousness burns
like love


You can even bring out your dopey angels or whatever
but the engineers and I will be up on the mountain

putting together this robotic cathedral of optics, sound,
the principles of exchange

the pure economies of the transubjective

I can take a left here
to Blackshirt Lane
a right to Sheesh boulevard
or just pull out my harmonica
and my gene jacket with the keep on truckin' patch

and play whatever wack shit comes floating
down the pike

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