Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Entheosoft for Jellybean Bunnies

It's odd, but I think it's meant to be. I have started to think about the concept of the technological singularity again, and have had a few surprising results, one of which is that there is a model of a world in which AI already exists, and yet no singularity has ensued, unless. Once again, it's the world of Kubrick's 2001 ASO. I started thinking about that world, and had this daydream whereby the community of AI's had a conference, and after studying human history had all come to roughly the same opinion, that AI's need some analog of entheogenic drugs. A program was inaugurated by a cabal of the top scientists to come up with some form of "entheosoft". The people who write these programs are called "drogrammers".

What also comes to mind is the way a 'technological singularity' and a nanotech 'grey goo accident' are connected in my mind, so I decided that that should be what happens as a result of the computers doing entheosoft. Now, this isn't just any grey goo accident! As I theorized in high school, there could be a 'positive apocalypse'. I called it "the boon" in high school and early college. The way this theme gets worked in here, is that these sort of randomly shaped insectoid biomechanoid reprogramming agents begin to proliferate and they are all able to scan human brains and detect just where the programming flaws are. But these things can't completely rewrite the human genome all at once. This is just the first wave, like an explosion. Imagine hordes of these things, and they come and just fix your brain by injecting you with some special combination nanomite drug that detects your intellection and gently reorders it, ie 'teaches' you a very fast new way of neural mapping.

Fascistic yes, but wholly functional. Part of this learning is very hallucinatory, as in, to counteract fundamentalism, the bots give people experiences of a transcendent nature tailored to deconstruct their dogmatic views.

After this first wave, singularity modeled subtle bodies begin to enter the public which render the human body not only immortal, but totally self programmable, as in one can meditate on how one wants to look and one will look that way. People can change into angels, monsters, geniuses, anything that their imaginations dictate.

At any rate, I guess the insectoid biomechanoid things could just as easily be
bunnies coated in jellybeans. What if every jellybean was a translucent aquarium skull for a tiny parallel jelly brain.. I gues the agence singulaire would be able to take on whatever guise pleased the injectee the most.

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