Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweetish on Bjork.

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for the drillers of woe and anklish..

ridiculous serenity, or
dickless sirentity, all I know
is that I can solve very few
of the practice problems
in my kid sister's calculus book
without her help.

yesterday was perfect, the planet
was round, and stuff all stayed down
to fight and whine as usual.

my wife and I looked for dates
among the palm trees
but unsatisfied with these
brown and wrinkly fruits
decided to go down to the
mermaid ranch
to torture mermaids.

a mermaid or even mermiad
is a terrible frightful thing
made of tuna, gull, and
monkey hossenfeffer skull,
we use letter openers
to kill them.

you can fry their tales
or pull the fry from their tails

"a strangely heavy snow is bending my bamboo"

"the anomaly of this planet," I tell my friend wife,
"is the anomaly of the intelligence.."

"or its lack," she says..

I go into further levels of paradox
but only say in return

"Swedish Borgs."

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