Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not Criticism, But Open Source Hieroarcings

frake is tweln
no loo to lea the ceiling
ick celf an arc of arf
now solid
as delivery close-
said vesti-churn

nice rugae
metallic duck tower

butterfly duck spiral minaret
of minuetish monsutiae

a kunstabulary's gaol
like a jowell
or a gutwhark honging ut

en pictura floesis

even the genteel
are waddling green

even the radical
are frumpy delis

when transparent oceands of explodihands
caress this singularity
you see not one

but 3

singing hilarities


ill ars cities


ninill {nein el! but don't tel.}


now supposedly its a

lien time
time to kneel

but constantly
do the bwombs
take what little hwealth
we might've had

force us to clompete
in laughable
while somewhere
enormous porcelain cities could be made
within gardens
tended by exercising lovers

how can i tell this
without saying that

trash, shh, art,
must be our most
profound beauty

do you think subjectivity
is as rational?

do you think frake
is overrated tweln?

I also forgive all dogs
in tables that foam,
and all foam-dog-tables

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