Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deeply Fried

I would think it good to remember
there is more of everything these days.

More violence than ever, proportionally.

Less violence than ever,

More wealth than ever,

Less wealth than ever,

the species is a "success"..

The programs roughly equating
to morality, fairness, justice
etc. it can be said were designed
to promote population increase to diversify
civilization and to allow the clever
to ascend into bureaucracies
so as not to have to do brute labor.

Patently, humans are not necessary
to the functioning of this planet,
in fact, they get in the way in a
whole host of ways.

To say that one group is more moral
or more right or just or whatever is a fallacy.

All of humanity is patently "extra".. a kind of vanity
one can easily associate with the vanity and caprice
of what in pagan cultures were called gods.

To an amoeba, or to an average protoctistan
cell citizen, we are irresolvably machinic gods.

The morality and ethics programs have served
their purpose. there are alot of people, and a
whole bunch of people just sit on their bottoms
all day and chatter, or trade in complexities.

In no way does it matter what happens
in any country when the sum total of human
life is so staggeringly large.

The Kafka roach story comes to mind. Granted,
no one wanted to be blown up by a bomb, but
13 million a year still die of malaria, and
4 million a year die from slipping in the tub..

I am asking for a new grotesque realism.

People are people.
and Culture is an 'art project'..

We are made of molecules
of dazzling complexity.

I would suggest we act
like the biosingularity
we are..

Peace on woe men.
too many of them.

idea pollution~
another 'problem'
in a "no problem" world/

"Shit happens"
is about all anyone
can really say
in the long run
with a monadic
singularity basing
its fate on something close
to the vicissitudes
of constructed sign systems.

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