Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kilim Made To Order Juice

brone dimple...

gorilla gryllus takes vanilla mead paddle helmets
from their non-human sexed subjectivity ruts
and places them into kinderangels



Our angels look good
in motorola
why no neggy

negen and not nega

ne gen

gen, ne?







are letting Aguirre radio back
to the baby sloth
the daughter long hairs
i rippled

stood on the diving board
and did my best preacher's seat

shaped like an el
the splash was enormous

but the hottest chick
had shades

and the super hot chick
my hot married milf ex-girlfriend introduced me to
got a funny look

when a piece of hamburger
flew out of my mouth
and landed on her big fake silicon boob

which looked really great and all
but her face
which looked good too


she looked somehow
like a hot female Tom Cruise..

"hot female" ,y looky like "tamale"

I felt like Tom O'Bedlam,
and then I had a schitz-furk

seeing people that look like other people
or whatever

that is like...

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