Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Hosehead's Ray

A ray is deflected near its mouth.
This emits a unit troll martini delta.

[thick flourishing of heavy metal
peacock newts furred in peacock
snakes furred in nasalutions]

A ray is deflected near its personal ad.
This emits an email girdle of heavy metal
troll peacock martini uprisings.

A thin drool of photon vomit
is like a thong on a troll's
email martini barnacle
'star drive'.

A hosehead's cellphone heraldry generator
gets loaded into a personals ad martini uprising

some noises outside
get made
into a nasal delta blues emission
ray refracting
through its slit-mechanicals:

adabboy seeks hay-ride
with old blind cellphone troll
as if girl rig grrr (de rigueur)

the bible with nose-ring el musatroll (mustard gel pack nighty)
were a thick brown cardboard shrine (scrotum skull clamp)
with puppies inside (le mistral poppy loader cam)
and with hosehead uprisings (YAY!) (DEFLECTING RAYS OF PUPA!)

a 'star drive' cannot exist
without a thing-thong.
A personals ad can give
hosehead to a dam nation's
"emit-vomit" subspace connector ray
ad assembly 'troll' post-martini

hot erection Microsoft
deflecting Blind Willie

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