Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Body Itself The Only Sackrisfekalt Roospracht Omen, O Motther

Delphic kif led

elf I see
flea on the eel's eye

smoking a pipa
a moon lute

which somehow
like the Place Dauphine

unites the dolphin, the elephant,
the oral cul
and the choracle

into a single

a scrumb
a bemurked essynse

efs sines' science

each nice and easy
step backwards
away from the cur
of my former self

Delphic elf

is mot king

gist in the knick
of tomb

to me
a tome

the word is energy
the motley, says Edgar Wind,

is moved by a violent inspiration
which struggles in vain
to become articulate

it eats all luck
in its raving


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