Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dad's Tijuana Brass Sideburns

I watched Mannix when it was on
with my Dad. We had a cheesy Mexican
knight which I liked, a fake print of a Spanish
maja-esque lady in a torn blouse, some heavy
wooden fake Spanish furniture with red velvet
insert areas. We had a Mexican quartz and onyx
chess set, and an old admiral's hat that was my
uncle's, from a famous old California men's
drinking club. We listened to Tijuana Brass
alot, and had bottles of Mexican vodka called
Oso Negro, that had a little black plastic goat
on a chain, or was it a bear?

We also both liked George Peppard
in Banacek and had George Peppard-style
haircuts. I don't really remember any
Mannix episodes, but I do remember
our house's interior looked alot like
Mannix's office, and we actually
had a secretary just for our house.
She had a mole just where her nostril
came to her upper lip. We had lots
of little gray metal boxes with tiny
little keys. I had an entire cork wall
in my room for Farrahs and Elvises
and space ships.

We had a mirror with a thick baroque
frame which was crackled and crazed.
The first picture of a nude woman I ever
saw was in Hustler magazine. It was
of Jackie Onassis taken with a
telephoto lens serendipitously
while she sunbathed

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