Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grand Coulee Dam

forcibly definding
sere leagues of wine
and authorlest, a
white hot skull lens'
menagerie bladder awakes
in the control tower again

a sun is bleeding
on an infinite plain
of skin

i look in on the twins
to see they are sleeping
like hardy laurels on the brow
of a black hyena of smoke

10 X 10
the red kross would now
take up its strangest voice
the negative sun
the unsunarrth which had
ejected anyone from its wail

from its veil
had come many techniques
the dim parade
of its structural efficiency
and most of all
of embodied information..

...[interlude of 1000 years]...

Cookbooks had always been repertoires
of techniques unlike Chess treatises.

...[interlude of 80000 years]...

It is the Planet Vulcan.
The Pink Floyd is setting up
to play Ummagumma.

Spock is approaching a sort of weird podium
which looks like a hurrican of body parts
and geometric extrapolations of those parts

He carries two volumes:

Vidocq's _Les Voleurs_
Carême's _Le Pâtissier royal parisien_ (Volume Un)

...[interlude of 100 million years]...

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd


Little Thieves
of Little Feats

drive on
old ovum

drive on

weird old hellmouth un

fire of mildness
peaceful turmoil

grandiloquence of empty days

on the void

golden spike
at the meeting of the lines

Fruit coulis are most often used
on desserts. Raspberry coulis,
for example, is especially popular

with poached apples.

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