Thursday, January 1, 2009


A pig is stuffed in my email oven
with a cellphone in its mouth.

This pig is the divine conception
of many tribal Levys Strausses
and "totemic operators"

the raw
and the crooked
the war of any limb
against itself

pacifier cellphone
suck suck
ring ring

i go ahead and slip my cock
into your high turkish shoe closet's
austin healey runabout

we drive around all these severed heads
and notice that conception
is a rare oil
like a green velvet almond
moving quickly along the interstate

i seen starlets
get out of bed quickly
leaving behind a luminous
green trail of fuzzy
dolphin almonds

another thing about structuralism is that
a little pig is doing a lamb
both are grunting through
cellphone pacifier karaoke
sextoy analogues
about the "Occlaudeum"
when one says in a hogan occitan

First thing to do is start a company
a jungle jim chandilier company
so these caterpillar eyebrows of mine
can calculate the number of visitors
to the world is fair?

the world is deeply intextikratered
for one thing
just look at the gnostic mythology
about an angel or devil being
"stuck" here
and then look
at the weird graceful sex pacifier

i so love to squeeze these bubble butts.
i am thoroughly into seeing homeless people
who hold up cardboard signs in the rain
whose letters have all been washed off.

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