Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Odore of Pesos, The O Limb in its Offal Bridgings

a green chickleg has a keyhole
through which the corpse and beans joke
is told by a retard in boots
who keeps saying 'all the dollies are dancing'
but keeps beating all the dollies
that float his way.

i admire that.
i do not admire that.

ides desu knotsuki

tattoo mire
the attitude of eremism



kiss my penis-
elevator ray

i myself
on the F leash

because as a shelless homeless gentlemen
i need your hand
and even busted
i am housed

i have seen this
in action

a young couple
waiting for the train

had their adopted child
abducted before their eyes

the homeless
and obviously crazy gentleman
said he was going to throw
the child on the tracks
so he could have a place to sleep

ie in the jail

i feel for the family
for the dumb man
the stupid child

i feel for them all
but also
think about the horrible
voice of the futurists

i think about voices
actual sounds

like children
like innocence itself

crushed under a speeding train!

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