Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Once Upon a Ringtone So Dojoboner, So Earnipple Pelvis Crania Salon

once upon a time
there was a ringtone breeding station
in my earcanal dojo airport
and once
a bone boomerang salesman came there
and just sort of looked like
Cousin It
furred in miniature pelvises

once upon a time
an elvis ringtone caribbeana detector
took its elastic nosering fitness center's
bmw-style stealth shoe cloner
into a boner fabrication salon
to shave all the coconuts off its
champaigne cellphone girdle

a nipple boner cellphone warmer
once said "once upon a time"
to a cluster of HD excema ringtone supervisors
whose mercedes cat-drool golem abstracts
had become garbled in a ringtone brothel abacus dictator's
globali hai hair bong skank bark stripper which said
"one's about enuff.."

once upon a time a rap-cyclone-ringtone manufacturer
gave birth to a labia bling recording nailpolish polis
whose dojo of transformer cellphone amoeba wash
had just been deprogrammed from years of securitization
mouthwash real-estate succubust enhancements.

If you hear my Mexican earnipple say
"Once upon a Time," please remove your
tamale' nipple holder arrays.

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