Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bro-Peene and Fromaldihyde Jekyll the Jicky Jewely Thing

jellybean of gaolybeing
your jowlything dost Flo
with teggatils amd bussenbils

maga du nose

O jelly being, you whose tendril
is afoot in the wandering nibblets
whose foot tendril benadril
mushed halva the long wide campaign
assembly's espadrille

you anklets of atonal chocolate tutus
are now become the roadmaps
for feathered peristaltic worm columns
whose aqaurium roof boxes teem
with race officials setting up hurdles
willy nilly for a circuit
on the surface of a fly

reef blixen hexen said
madonna of whirling magnetic particles
must come early to see such bird lava allying
in the skies, surface which arises symphonically,
the colourless gas, having an unpleasant odour,
burning with a smoky flame, the white manta-like
angels which it produces from its ducts
more or less like staircases of tom-tom
put before Bro-Peene
or he who sups with moustache sponge
the gravy of

the weirdo
the alky amplivagous architect cat
the celivagous common fag fit hum hypo
the nouvelle vague proscenium pull
the terrain vague vag vag vag
the vagile vagrant who waves a waw

the vaginal rant
or vagrancy's mantra
of vacancy

What is inhabiting a surface?

the surface of action, now
has been turned into a synthetic apiary
of yellow wax horses

wrestling calliope bees
whose actions see to think
they are especial

a species might be

forty horses in action together
an enormous hive of tiny bo jangles
livery porter brooches looky looky
nippelese to sensitive accelerometers
who having no settled home or
regular work wander from place to place,
and maintain themselves by begging or
in some other disreputable or dishonest way;

an itinerant beggar,
idle loafer, or tramp (clam of Alphaville)
working off crime fiction isms
into synthetic cuttle fish penis adaptogens
for a hot rod whose wheels are rows of shot glasses
in a 'muckle-headed'
chowder line
or sentence
to "explore the feathered peristaltic worm columns"
whose elevator hoofs
declare elastic knot pedigrease
being pulled from
'that obvious finching rectum lost in a crystal wilderness'
of Jules Verne's lens teeth
whose leach teeth diving bells
are radium charlatangents and

coffee with creem (a divine chimpanzer wears
a milliatary seashell helmet and clings close
to Eddie Murphy

pucker nautilus doodad hominy
growing glass from your gumbs again?
Beatitude must swallow mechanical dextcelsior
or rubber whip beast sightings

or rubber whib peast yiter
or nib least 'vite her
no, i cannot read them peoples no mo
biguz Oeds an Ozd
bids buttes swasi
or teraleerahommamomma
your privileged notch-craft

Politics seem boring and dumb,
isn't this?

you are part of the juvenile dilemma
of polarity or whatever
i get shoppingitis
with its tiny noose of red velvet
tosses its mane over the infibulation
of domestication (electronically)

There is documentary evidence
to suggest that the apple rings
were fitted "busebia" shortly before
puberty or just at its quonset.

They would be of bronze horse fleem,
and welded shut by people made of
pieces of red-hot charcoal and a blow-pipe.

Lava people stand up on a ridge
looking down over the camp of Mexicans
and smoke
I see a young knight who only accepts hisself
as a powerfully faceless milk drink

Dog Erections must have been very painful
in Atlantis and it is certain that the wolf
slaves could never achieve penetration with
the orgasm and ejaculation team's infrequent,
and probably avoided as far as that was possible
to a Contemporary Crew Leader

and foxy chick whose family name
is still Frankenstein.

The Frankenstein Family Brewery
still serves its seaweed beer
in gay old Atlantis towne.

Such slaverings
were preferred to Meunuch's
manumission of an ass pope
playing the bag-pipes, that "pope"

actually being a bridge made of high-tech
bee guano
and hard
as a flicker's fletching

a husband and bride can also be made
of bee guano


I breed Jews and Chinese
to make a limericks.

think of justice or sex
or anything really
as being at the right place
at the right time

or a tiger
chewing on a partial torso

you are only as good
as your money, jellybeans
made by the K*Y company.

Kentucky Millionaire
has highway smoke kiosks.

Sunday is a day of rest.

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