Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sociobiology Is Condemned. 1976.

Keats, Verily

my thoughts are rekrab hides
behind ORVR and large groups
to leech renown
on a personal level
he is quite terrible
btw here is pug
and its actually
very very cute

Mythic calls this
pugs are cute
but retarded

lol the irony is epic
when you say drama queen
and stooping to my level
last i check you use more
profanity against me
when all i did was call
them out for leaving scens

La vue : un sens majeur.
dans la conduite. Compétences
du Répertoire des connaissances
et des. comportements des
usagers de l’espace routier

On dit dans le même sens
Un air en majeur; passer
du majeur .... Les majeurs,
les ancêtres ou les
prédécesseurs (vieilli en
ce sens).

sea signs change.
seasons clow.

the abword
goes back on you,
major minor (slurp)
or rather (s-loop)

but its ok
true trolls
don't read posts
already know that

1976 would not
get out from under
the high stacks
of pug skin
which is breeding
more Keants / Spider
Humbug poodles
with Ipo
or Doggone

"Heavy Mask Regime"

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