Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A Gynoborg Gericault painted medusan mead usin' rafts,
I paint the amoeba couture natives' traditional hottub
hoodoo doodad adders in a flash

Johnny Cash Seed King Author Ash, with flagellariat sash

O amoeba syntaur saddle black lights

why have you illumined a transparent cave Jewess's
palpitating nipple bong organs, whose
lapidary latte' dairy diary
is splashing on my enemaculate papyri-haggis sail clothe

also called floppy frappe' lappe'
whose foaming labial breast-enhancements
surely can offer

telekinetic bent spoon proselytizers
in 21st century poetics boner dyssentary

I have seen cities no wider than a single hair here..
I have seen nipple boner bong amoebas do straight whiskey
through thigh high snuff cam friend's lists
made from actuarial star jade officer obits

The hairy son of ford
is the wookie in the cookie
soylent tom green
is yorkies

made into a pie
by Vincent Price
with one big eye

Cyclops Poe
with opium pipe organ beard securitization portfolio


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