Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Glog, Nes Chithni, Labia Snail City Pearl

and the orange, pearl-like cities
come up through the slits in her
up-turned palms

come up slowly
on collapsing elevators
the orange, ornate and rugged

tisa with balcony
tisa with window
tisa with diving board
and transparent sex horn lookout

the pearl-like cities
come up through silly stigmatic
stag stage eyeball slits

opsibian grasshopper horn knives
have cut this
gnostic goiter bell

lava of many colors has been extruded
through old goddesses vaginas
old god's cunts
old dream's pricks
and whistles
thick with blue foot

i know your people
the erogenous ridge
that makes a ring
the twin rows of orifices
where the larvae
pull their sticky bubble hats
from tricky genital lyres

the large beast
would enter
a "hallucinating"
entering coarsely
through "breast-buccal"
prepuce snails

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