Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Fact Totem.

In all male art, I have only
been able to detect 3 ideas,

There is land.
Be nice.
I'm over the shark eating people (ladies).

In all female art, I have only
been able to detect 4 ideas,

Don't drop that box (boy!).
There is land.
When we meet, let's enjoy
dubious inequalities.
I don't understand being "land".

Together, for all of human art,
there are 7 ideas. I do not think
that I could possibly come up
with 7 weird things, or actually
be named Vibgyor.

But Vibgyor was the weird thing Victor
Frankenstein made for Igor. Actually
they conferred upon its construction.
Um, this isn't about the land. (Yikes!)

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