Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don Fulano Trips on the Wooden Bridge

J. Edgar Pound:

Atasal is union
with the divine fang,

"It is all a sale.."

Nasal, knows all,
saw nose off,
saw those off, union

exists! Exists!

Union exists
beyond all thought
and speech!

Aphrodite, both eyes,
his cow, oops!

A local officer of the police
is drunk on duty, and approaches
a third heaven, of hypostasis,
and women with spider's mouths
on the backs of their heads
that make beautiful "shik-shik"

That is how we know
to have union with the fang.

The Ego Scriptor, all atasal,
or Atosol, a nostril spray
delivery system, Achilles'
weird mother, called Tangibility
by the Morocco Berber people
whose terry-cloth vision-mating
hides an alien crystal
from Robert Stack.

Papa 'Great Weirdo' and
Little Giorgio
the lightning rod
must go to meet
J. Edgar Pound
in the Lake of Gardenias

When we reach Spermio,
we have reached home.

Little Snag
has prepared biscuits,
and we can beat him
because he has not bathed
and we are his employers:

ante mortem no scrotem.

Aucassinist yoga.
oddly wonderful, the malformed
of memory.

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