Monday, October 26, 2009


The seeds are oddly misshapen, and purple,
but we wrap them each in phylomystic grobolisation,
or something resembling the rushing of a little dog
through the phyllerea hedge, and place them in an
antithesis of "fumbling a fug," perhaps, in a
"careful desecration" in the open gut of our
toy boat, though, while not so small, is still small
enough to use the antlers of two 400 pound bucks
for the twin, strange masts with make-shift sails
tied between the organic cul-de-sacs, or something
very much like this but up to you as well, as we
are still very much in the planning and visualisation
stages, as well as the planning and visualisation
of stages, those stages being put to sea, or something
we want to pretend to be the sea.

The sailors are to be the most freakish of orchids,
or perhaps, dolls holding caterpillar organs for cargo,
or even untrained mice, or mummified moments of lassitude,
or even, tiny pieces of bad attitude, which we might
break off in hunks as we have such large wheels of the
stuff, laid up against the cave door and used for a sort
of plug to keep the sun and moonshine out, and the
revenooers as well, bess keep old knotty wigs
and scrap-heap skateboards in piles by iron buffalo
stoves to change the windy voice's clotive phylogyny
to a healthy minuet with obscenely snake-fingered
gloves, gloves that are tied on at the wrist,
and fingers that are fed into an irrevocably
vocal partition between vim and Vimana:

All goods included in Class 48.
Lever Brothers, Limited, Port Sunlight,
Abstracted D'oodles.

Reflexive Dominique, unique to LaPorte,
the memory especiale, of something of the Ottoman,
or History towards where the old Gobseck swims,

Where is our SHIP?

Suetonius tells us that Nero seldom travelled
without fewer than a thousand carriages in tow,
and every mule must be clad in silver, and every
sad, stuck face drover must have the finest
Apulian wool worked up into wings like carnations
along the spine and shooting wine and sparks,
and Neopollenite..

Purple Evergreens.
Goat's heads.

Thornous purple goat head fruits
wrapped in soft secret Vimentum.

You'll notice now they are fruits,
instead of seeds.. Who knows?
I'm humouring myself, I've come
unmoored. Ah, but Capital!
We need a Moorish Captain!
and a Moorish Caption as well
for the whole thing!

Bravo! Wetoti!

No, we don't need a Moorish caption,
In an Oriental Warehouse, "where all the girls are sweeter"

Four Winds and Furniture,
Liberty, is enough.

And Yes, this giant, silken, overstuffed damasky pig
is a bed, a ship, look here the hatch,
here, the odd catacomb pillow, the wisps of

Scheming equipment
Hare with sword ears
laid back laughing, etc:

"Chita koa ot wetoti guri." means:

"Hook wit cutie agitator."


"OK! Ciao! Rat twit toughie."

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