Friday, October 23, 2009

Documentations of Today's Private Art Actions

Image: Prawn Cess Plumb, Lanny Quarles, or Whatever.

1. Paced for 26 minutes with the patterned blue draw-string
of my Ukata received in remote mountain ryokan (?, somewhere central Japan)
tied to the back middle belt-loop of my grey utility shorts
while clarifying my dual Oregon / Massachusetts Unemployment Claim
for $629 a week until $18,382 is given out, with Gracie, an older
black woman I made laugh at least three times. I felt like I was
pacing like a human fox, like a yokai spirit
in the wires, or rather a kind of sartorial hengeyokai.

2. Stared at maroon blanket on chair, and thought I saw
a weird old man face.

3. Carried my old silver cell-phone around like it was
an ancient 'mouse-mummy'.. I thought of my cell-phone
as an ancient Egyptian android-mouse-mummy. And
I was memorializing it, as a fox-hengeyokai in
lieu of Unemployment benefits.

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