Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beetle Juice, And the Birth of Cool. (Secret Version)

"The sky blue doughnut inside the purple doughnut
is just the beginning of cool," he said.

For you are like

A snake
hanging from the behind
of an armadillo
warming his head
when the desert
became inhospitable

like the Aegean became
to Hunter S. Thompson

when HE wore the sky-blue armadillo armor
and floated singing near cyclopean stones
hung dangling from a purple toroid.

"Was that the beginning of cool?" He asked
incredulously, almost inhospitably.

"Cool began with an unknown people who came across the water
using parts of aqua colored armored mammals with highlights
of purple."

The aqua-purple combination
is the centriolic force
within cool.

Cool is like a target
like S for Snake
in Hunter Thompson's name.

It's a coral snake
with blue and aqua stripes
crawling across a pancake
and ridden by a lady
with boysenberry hair
working for Gene Roddenberry
in the mid-seventies
and having a few piece of real estate
somewhere in the caribbean
in a place with armadillos.

The Caribbean armadillos are sweet.

They lay in the sun sunning their bellies,
and lepers suckle their magnetic skull nipple arrays
taking out the liquefied pasta
and caper juice
that comes from internal combustion.

These are not the actual lepers,
but lepers of cool, jester monsters
who have been fed on nothing but
liquefied pasta and roast rabbit.

This is something which looks bad
for cool.

Don't spread around
the part about sucking caper sauce
from black skull face nipples.

It doesn't sound good at all.

Just tell them about
Hunter S. Thompson
in an armadillo suit
visiting the Cyclopean ruins
in the Cyclades or whatever
in a big dune buggy
with sky-blue-purple coral snake tires.

Something like Beetlejuice.

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