Wednesday, April 15, 2015


the lotus eaters, yes
bottomless conspiracy
it looks as if they'll be running into 
futon poisoning
Cassiopeia with tattoo 
riding a daggot

bright the yellow exclamation
blind the salamander
in the drill
which surrounds the endless feasting
but to go to school on a summer morn
O! it drives all joy away

fendless amaze to tailkick ollie
folly is an endless maze
and nowhere are Rameau's keen powers
more in evidence than in his analysis
of the achievement of his rivals

there is Salmagundi served every night
in the halls of Siegmaringen
surely marmosets cartoon nimbus
before a ceramic volition of sky
figures fit together not in a game
but in a fancy

innavigable waterfalls and torrents 
crossing each other feitizo
feythetic a teasy green
its wild machine tyranny regarded 
as no wrong and cannibalism
ipso facto the surface 
of a mirror's prong

skrida skrida
down into sculpted garden ovules
Toshigami owl peg mastheads
for tents with incense spines
the oxhides accord at dawn

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