Friday, April 24, 2015


lay dot comm
gauguin-matisse-and oriental red
the room where goya built a titanic head
a screaming woman covers her ears
with lay dot comm

lay down
lay down in the valley of semiotics
and do not presuppose never to presuppose
the judgement will have the intended effect
but also others
stratigraphy grandfather owl city womb violin
knows its ancient vision of drug addled excess
brains like chewing gumbs clustered coralic
around the golden nipple oracle calculation
lay dot comm
a green odalisque of sable brush
a milky escarpment of foxes
a smooth fist
of infinite auto-preening doves
and oriental red eyes
lay down
lay down in the valley of semiotics
your formica breath card takes its cetacean tale oil
at the edges

refigure the raft of the medusa
as painted by matisse-gauguin-serusier
the yellow raft of the talisman
the yellow logs
the child-like cobble-stone canine sailors
their dim blooms
shattering against the heavy crimson batwing
of the great copper string mind valhalla tram token
lay down in sally thorn's picnic basket
puppies with delicate plastic clip-on shrimp feelers
they float near the mural slag
that the krill cannons washed in glacier face

lay it all down
nose bird to krill cleavage

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