Saturday, September 12, 2009

Funt Splices

then they gave sloopy
her t-bird
in the spirit of anarchy
it thrived

a bed knobs
and broomstyx
owl with a
third eye

bourbon punk

like sexy

enters perfect
hard taco
venusian ammonia

Laurence Harvey
as a tragic astronaut
growing breasts
for his Leprechaun

the horns

something you say you've seen
along with sparkly green
wooden robot people
inside any keyhole

i know

i see sparkly green
Leprechaun rodeo

those proud
key-jangling nymphs
who stand wild-eyed
straddling the tusk-gap
of the sparkly green
walrus rat bull
with sparkly clover blow-holes

Mick Jagger
is a Leprechaun gangster
from ancient Crete

and tho he gives you
a golden key
it's just a bock-bock
of bodach

a haunting of tuning fork fingertusk gaps
across the enchanted well
of sparkly green boob funt splices

the ornament
of practical reason

green lollipops
fired out of an
ornate brass
head cannon

1 comment:

  1. "Sloopy I don't care what your daddy do"--Maybe he was a repo man who took t-birds away.

    Sloopy was a she-male. That's why they called her Sloopy--she had a bowsprit.

    Have you heard that the Stones wrote some of their lyrics with the cut-up method? "Casino Boogie," for example? "Jigsaw Puzzle" has some strange stuff in it: methylated sandwich, walking clothesline... but maybe they were just trying to sound like Dylan.

    Good name for a band: Leprechaun Rodeo.

    And the hippos were boiled in their tanks.


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