Friday, September 18, 2009

The Holy Ghost

purple satyr motorcycle
in your transparent rubber whirlies
i see pictures

the long drear shin bones
those terminator chromes
whose blow-torch eye-sockets

trial a paroxysmal pastoral
like a spoon
full of wriggling sea men

guest speaker animal,
does drunken green skin
plague your feral belt-loops?

does the skin shoot out
like a theatre curtain
does it makes ghosts
of al the people and furniture

green ghosts in green sheets
under emerald chandiliers

it is not image
which is lo-brow
but the division

between word and world
and image

for they surely all
are won, now.

O winnow
the little pot
whose 9 head cap
has an igoo and an edda

the igoo who says what, then

fulirthy! What improbably mutagenie!
and then the 7 mistaken heads that
pass the sounds to the


Edda: Fulirthy

fool's cap 1. pulirthy
fool's cap 2. pulirthe
fool's cap 3. puvirthe
fool's cap 4. nuvirthe
fool's cap 5. nubirthe
fool's cap 6. nubilthe
fool's cap 7. nubilith

Igoo: Nubilith

Then some rope comes out a hole.

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