Wednesday, January 6, 2016


for house beast

when the head spread out diagram
assumes its flow chart bull

tethered to and fro
aleph tête

a thing which swings
from the test house
the head

a head for
bull’s balls

there is nothing phony in irony
that 2 x 2 or 2 + 2
mixes tusks
as in a sternbild

for why is it
that the shaman’s penis
points to the auroch’s

and why is it
that the bird needle
or bird stylus
is not the bird in space

which thus resembles
a further question
is the auroch’s rear
cyclopian wheel
really a single enlarged testicle
which lifts the anus
and lowers the dewlap

how is a house that is made from jugs
the same as a language
made from bricks
when the house’s head
is thick like a clock
and broken
like a stone
so that its insides
or innards
are the symptoms
of all testing

Az Buky Vedi Glagol Dobro Est
the word letters are said to be good
but the blood letters
are a test

ahead of all the rest
and the restings participate
where the silence leans

Lacan likes Narcissus
to be as an Astrologer
while Freud prefers we notice
that in the “Hunting Incantation”
on the walls of Lascaux
the Auroch’s shit
is rendered like the diagram
of a die as in dice

dicey relations
inhabit all these old houses

look at it all
it’s a weird old jug

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