Monday, January 4, 2016

presque fou

Aimé Felix Tschiffely
in the bright confusing air
confesses no knowledge
of these sapologies of stone

to introduce the lovely
sticky strings
in the same way
is to introduce
the mask

commonly worn with a tricorn and cloak
but does not address
the lava Arlecchino
whose face is cooling in the mist

in twin transparent glass forehead cupola buboes
twin accordion player sisters
sing demonic songs
of les saboteurs

the leafy evangelines
Ang pagbulung-bulong Pines
at ang hemlocks
May balbas sa matabunan
at sa kasuotan green
hindi naaaninag sa dilim
meter critic cultic sapology

meter it is found
are two young women
raped by the wreckers

The Captain is their leader
followed by Le Bosco
and the beautiful perverted Tina

Wandering around
the poor raped women of meter
come across a clown
who looks after them

The women are unable to speak
but a man tells them he can help them

They communicate via a drawing
and the man realizes that they want revenge

The women are the only ones
who can free the devil
from the ruins of an old castle

by making love to each of them
he will give them the power
to get their revenge

having a short
ape-like nose
a set of wide
arching eyebrows
a rounded beard
and always a “bump”
upon his forehead

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
subjected innocent clowns
to newspaper
watching a squirrel leap
from twisted wire
to branch
to sapology

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