Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gaudeamus igitur

over the years
many encounter wall hanging
united symbol breathing pine
principle for which this family curse of mine
george dickel
log diorama pixels
flowing monkeys
log diorama accordion lung wall hanging
family curse deity I tried to be one the better ones (of)
log pixel puppy altruistic steam line (the of do)
steamed banana armor poi
as if george as word logic
would seem in touch
the empress pickle hatch bearing jade pearl folly foam
as a vision from inside the egg gnurl
where the empress
jutting with glades
stipes gem acne no dickel clogged drains
many peculiar bottles
in each a small piece of lead
suspended pendulum-wise from a string
the terrible old man
fog horn log pixel leg horn sunrise
of western philosophy moth
string needle hand clap pulled together
witch urn capsule blue
more fabric they say dickel never saw this color
pulling this deft final sofa from its deaf retracting jaw
as it lay in state
farm cow family curse jester oxford fort knox berry farm
cranberry werewolf hourglass
so cold with bog
as if gleaming whiskey my personality would cinch knot
a glow code emitting zipper peacock whistles
personally country painting hobo dickel log pixel
Théophile Alexandre Steinlen
you may recognize every person you've met
on the divan as the internet inside
Massaida on the Divan
consciousness as an old bum
around the sun
a cloaked wok-salon
log rooster trumpets announcing something
free password rays engulfing karaoke
oracle grasshopper silk settling dust iron rattle
too heavy to move
one and done gaudeamus

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