Monday, November 11, 2019

inauguration of a meditation

for some there is only one way at it
but the one for many more still is many
and also that many one
is canny and uncanny still
the still one
for the one and the many
is a manyone

and that might be a display instead
of something other or rather
display benuded of number
remains the central monster
but then at that the revealing must
in concordance
flow as a cascade from the monster
of display outward effacing all display
with display
and flow inward from all display
to create the monster

but one still can wink
over the purple passage
as in the winged esophagus
lying in repose
in the double barreled detective story
of Mark Twain:

It was a crisp and spicy morning in early October.
The lilacs and laburnums, lit with the glory-fires of autumn,
hung burning and flashing in the upper air,
a fairy bridge provided by kind nature for the wingless
wild things that have their home in the tree-tops and would
visit together; the larch and the pomegranate flung their
purple and yellow flames in brilliant broad splashes
along the slanting sweep of woodland, the sensuous
fragrance of innumerable deciduous flowers rose upon
the swooning atmosphere, far in the empty sky
a solitary oesophagus slept upon motionless wing;
everywhere brooded stillness, serenity,
and the peace of God.

and here one may go anywhere into the one
or rather the manywhere and the manyone
represent the stoic unity
of the anymoan
which like a mutant clown
becomes a 'ciceronian diogenes'
carefully replacing the rope
with an oesaphagus
in Nietzsche's famous quote:
Man is a rope stretched between the animal
and the Superman--a rope over an abyss.

w/ Pope Gregory VII in the wings (in repose)
w/ Joachim of Fiore in the wings (in repose)
w / New York Times in the wings (in repose)
w/ Noam Chomsky, Alan Sondheim, Zizek... (etc.)
and for the manywherone
the inauguration of a meditation
must by holy satire within the
comic grotesque assure you
that the lux nova (photino birds)
"the fictional life of dark matter"
was something like the internet
for the manywherone

this is indeed a gesture
where the cultivated leap
at an attempt to display the stoic unity
of the infinite series of calculation
with its counterpart
the rustic symbol
ie incarnation as completed symbol
must be conjoined
by all perception as psychadelia

this means that perhaps
like a physical nova
the bubble of the present
remains transcendent
because out of control
or rather the paradox
of systems of control
that exist as a moan

our holy satire
teeming with tragedy
exist to feed the monster
the double barreled detective
of display

concealing and revealing
the lux nova
the stoic unity
of calculation
and the holy spirit

the bead at the thread
both down-going
and up-going
and around-going

the oesaphagus
is a rustic symbol
a purple passage
caught between
and digestion

information and knowledge

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