Monday, November 11, 2019

thargelian noise ode

worm [o] plasmago
and salmudus and naked nymph
it comes from the dust
of the variegated polarities
they creep in the mouth
like [mouths] full of text

images swallowed by words
and words swallowed by images
and all of them [at once]
alive in the confusion
of the hieroglyphic stomach

a wonderful wave then
the nations of the world
the turmoil in which
things go wrong
shame is our tambourine

its bitter deferral
gastric sword muse
they have pirated
his crystalline
mineral thymus

the mediastinum
for wont of a dry rotunda
to display the monument
of a dog whose body
has been replaced with flies

the body of moses (no, the muses)
and the body of the pharmakoi
are made into salami
there is here a cosmic gluttony
for bad food

slipping in shit
who implores the seven-leafed cabbage
we used to offer potted to pandora
at the thargelia
before the cross-eyed phiz
of the scapegoat
which is the mouth of a drug
in which we see a different drug
about to be swallowed
and of which we are forced to judge
from within the mouth
of another drug

it is a true thing
and remember
all drugs are mouths
and all mouths are drugs
and they are looking for a world
in which to live
since they have been gastronomy
of the medicine without the need
for a remedy

comedy (hipponax)
tragedy (rando-phaedrus)
penury (callimachus)
imagery (plato-arsinoe)
effigy (archilochus)
syzygy (callinus)

worm [o] plasmago
and alnudus and naked mord
it comes from the dust
of the variegated polarities
o worm
the wave of the world
is silly with tripods
and yet it is led
like a sentence
made of figs
here then
gulf of all food
sing muse
and of all her
disorderly eating

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