Monday, November 11, 2019

virtue is sufficient for happiness

will kiss its own
faint cousin as
the duke of swale
feminine land reform

could it be that
rendered as a buffet
could pale or feint
within the bouquet
of flowery caduceus
sections of vivisectioned
flowery caduceus
resemble some timbre
or another

laws like toes
are cut off
and made into stumps
where jeweled rings
are stored
laid out on the table
once tree
of nietzschean time
their lie detector tests
the wriggling inscriptions
are all circulus in probando

and these stump tables
hazard a lively dining experience
where the dead foetuses
dressed in their best
sapphire inspired
hemlock amulets
dance a gigue
each little character
forced to wear the mask
of socrates

and finally
their words pander
(as in a menu)
to the carefully random
which also inhabit
the organic vessel
time is a midwife
to all things

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