Monday, November 11, 2019

fugue clues summary

summary fugue sun descendant
when clue for winter branches
herald black branches invading
black branches what hearing said
touches this

heraldic standing lion
of black branches
whose community
of indigo unicorn monkeys
summary fugue
in your eyes

fly's eyes
in neo-human symbol
and summary fugue clue of knowledge
aumarry fulgom culm of bodycorn
and sun compressed in black branches
of blinding light of black branches

contrary and compressed
is your summary fugued notions
whose numbers ann urriclorns
of a summary fugue clued
heraldry which touches this
undrawn gountain
this gough of troughs and hoof bees
whose community
of black branches is the quiet
summary of cosmology
the fugue clues descending from and
ancestor of

eggs in which their genderless heroes
of branches are snapped into segments
and the segments unrolled because of some
simple similarity to cylindricality
whose planar force for surfacing
inspired the further the dread
of the wedding between
ontology and image
which remained
an alienating principle
of eggs trapped
in a contrary and compressed
summary fugue clue fountain

whose goof and sloth
were the sound of grown
scion be psyonce
be grood
in indigo

and indigo unicorn monkeys
are slick as frogs
in last direction

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