Monday, November 11, 2019

contemporary notions

grass forking goat hopper snail
in tritangular rally gnashing tort
whose object must you convey?

hhooqquueessoo butterfly paper
is the representation of blue globular forms
as folded origami accordion things
folded back into the flattening
of your frankenstein representation's
saturation point, a willful monocle;
or do armadillo gorillas wearing
blue glass monocle orb sphere insertions
eyesocket larval goat accordions'
gnashing butterfly grass accordingly?

kaleidoscopic grass grows freely
upon the blue skins of rhinosceroid
armadillo gorillas whose eyesockets
are stuffed with writhing butterfly accordions paper
held back from the world
by monocle porthole lidclasps

hobo rock you find
shin boo hyde
inside the queer eel cabinet's
quantilingus keeltillian
its approach upon the fresh scent
of the deformed and antlered
kaleidscopic elk larva of dawn
is formed of accordion'd butterfly paper

which represent all
the grass forking golems
riding goat horned snails
through obese crenellations
of apocalyptic excess
their desires and wishes
exceed each folding

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