Monday, November 11, 2019


lucubi union totaler in marcusan refuselas
dispute inpute clay island skirt they appled
in their fostering the image which was sheeted
ruined traffic for days meaning the images
stayed home or in cultivating lucubi secured
a curtain of velvet the unknown fruit
which suckered around the bound
iron box pirate parrots is a cliche'
of the middle class drowned in ink and
pyrites but pirate medusa is an industry
of random physical integers the sex
industry which may as wee be
random it's shakespearean and arab
volkswagon in the campo di fiori
where bruno is mainly a thumb (pi writes)
worn down to a nub (by elucidation)
by the long centuries of heretical cateschism
the sleek cowl burning with singularities
of infinities old g there in the vegetable mosaics
your sail shaft is a productive craft after marne joffre
visited the front in a cheap tesla clone
blue leather body armor with built in pec and
gloot buchs poetry (politics) subject
to sociosemiotics of animal clustering effects
ie "neoples" involved in varying forms
of zoological filk music the road of the seahorse
is shaped like a golden horn but is really a sign
for the raven thanks karen it was the end of
generation x

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