Monday, November 11, 2019

prudes about expression

prompt puta junta
sussenly sullenipped
the rose cadaver was bent over
accidentally revealing its bung
where recently settled
the wiry grey hitlerian soulchip
had lighted

shocked and embarassed
i resumed my spelunking
amid the rhizomatic plumbing
the great rooster of black iron pipe
was vast and partially submerged
in the "kn" of the populace
their scribbled diligence had begun to echo
some guitarist whose own face had been replaced
with a fretboard whose tuning head had
leapt into consciousness
closely staining the box of unicorn
for a blind psyclopfs child
tick tick
double boxes

this "childe heralde" (terrible)
of distinct and mysterious minion
was the spontaneous raft
for much parasite meme energy
produced randomly by the clinging
"kinetic energy" of physical decision space
and even the punta (yoke or joke)
where the pun and the junta
became puta by design
were being addressed as a savior
for a male which never arrived
for all of it
lay bewitched
in a bag
the bag which covered the rose cadaver's
and it was now being converted into an
exercise machine
for a being for which
no exorcism could rid
its offal machine garden

only i
the black iron steam flea
would dissolve randomly
random dissolution
would be
my last divine gift
to its steady and random

childe heralde
would finally understand
and the telescoping walking cane
would fiefdom
the hologram
standing serenely
in the flip top
oyster shell
motor skillset runes
makes a sort of music
for any instrument
its love is expression

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