Monday, November 11, 2019

in the presence of the virtuoso noise

in the still dark violet
cream cloud of early day
their offpurloin pink cleft
opening arrests the inner
titian geode sky of trans-
emotional selective groins
our ontic subject humble
to space's form &
optickal cream marble
atmosmust replace
the qabbalistic alchemy
of molecular words
in this random skyward view
it stuttmumbles err/urr
the eyeless gaze of day
has run me through
to kama comma's
suture still attached by
seeming to the thin and
feathered aquatic deer
of the air of that moment
a pale quantum thread appears:
this dark world feeds blood
to that independent noise
/mr. cricket / i had a vision/
and the outline
of that pink triangular key
in purple rumbled toward
its theme 'dismantled'
and yet i succumbed
to a nubicuculian music
the meditation of these
stellar regions / physicality
rendered a pause
to the long and the air
itself was made
a monument
the immoveable moving
implores us itself all
romantic polymorphous
this unbidden foci
undeniably carrying
divisions to the fundament

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