Monday, November 11, 2019

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cannon date dote meatchulpinsky
varify stored rhetorical data
within these honeycove highs
their glistening thighs of dataplastic

canno date date of canon date of plastic
canon set anecdote data repulse fleece
golden plastic mirror medusa data hives
of thighs these metaplastic datahoney
meatmetaphatplasky rumens

a rumen is the discrete amount of work
or damage done by a rumor just think
if a photon is a massless varify data error
charging the defendence with circular
morgue labyrinth canons this date is thy
camaranalumi nouslandia

very for later data storage verify
my rumber numbkin lovers number
these data thys drowned in honey numbers
cannon of the fifth to the fifth power
morphophonlogy evolution via self-gorgonization
and lateral and vertical diffusion in
polymercannonsolar cell blends
set diffusion through thin solvent summers

the thin solvent summer retreats
into itself the hear the procedure developed
both include (2-methoxy-5-(3,7-dimethyloctyloxy)-
1,4-phenylenevinylene) and [6,6]-phenyl
C61-butyric acid methyl canonio
and cowl birds language this O ester
(PCBM) almost trembles and
sorts what could crystal mean
from the inside which is what literature is

trembles art is prison inside out
while literature you are made
trembles to wear the prison
instead of just looking at
the beat trembulltoucan phui

beat toucan fooey
you hoo kung foo hurricanne lantern
beat foo young
when svelt legs are honeyed
in toucan eye candy money
the bunny cannons roar
with fat plastic aspic

and if a photovoltaic axenicity is used
as canon remromcommbunglah
spread padded cell to panorama
view lifecase scape cologne
borg verify varying ridges ridgeback
diocletian thermopylae

offer dire hope burning incandescent parasites
offer raging absence of metamutamusa
from the inside of milford graves
the river fords the valley where the old mill
juts out from the graveyard and incense
in a minute

опичам clyde container
pick a pit
pick a heat pit horn nose viper
canon cannon
hyperplastic beatoucanthiope
laurel blooms hear
cool white dandelion oranges
pale orange gorilla fuzz
zeussabilly with beermughandsawdances

anonymous protons you own
alleggerirete lansoprazole Атлант
પીરોજ પીરોજ પીરોજ પીરોજ પીરોજ પીરોજ
akmeņaini скубалият similavi
acampanáramos чеченке

nā mea nui loa
hard plastic photon thigh honey cannon

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