Friday, May 3, 2019

sick hodad mi-mi-aunderins

(a nu-beat-spliff-blamble)

brodoodad ho-dune-had
in alhambra of yap-head-brones
hobie cat crones you boo
in doodad glad brads or glones
these yap glad thrones of
bladder hobie al hombre somberings

brodada your hodads
are glitsening hue dunes of had boo cat
clones your doodad throne bone glappenings
are a yap in the gap of hodad brodad
boo duned blat phlat glow bladder
yoho yolo hobies

fat hobbies glow
in their brone sacs
in doodad hodad brone strikes
on the alchambara of yap glad
boo gapped glow clones

this phat glat groan is totally
phlat hodad brodad
in dogtown dogpatch threwn
bladder prawned hombre somberings
the yap glad doodads
have phlapped the gap yap trappings
in their hodad doodah hoodoo
of braided brads of cat clones
and bony bladder brones
which yammer

this boo bluned yap duned
hodad glistening flap of glappenings
is lo unto a brune of prunes
in a prawn brodad
hobie sac flogsplatch

a chudd is chundering
in all the hodad humbaba
alhamabars of chambara

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