Friday, May 3, 2019

inertia feeding

in zoomorphic bridge / to guard
the shade of isthmus / where succulents
garden aping concord / the green
shoots music blue / go the weird
ornament paladin / ureptive raucuss to bit
but rondure sky / our flesh is
many emotions / in zoomorphic
bridge their decay / before the
subject is dispelled in
birth amorphous urchin / sloth
lobster bridge your island sentence / connectives
give fungicolumn canopies what derives / a sphere's
atmosphere is an origami lung visor's / stomach'd
integument whose rich culture / in media
risi baalrest rich expressions / fortifies the stable
where the feral instabilities / candalid-
lichtenlibidum ego / ego spure nabiim
the bridge space pleasures / their snake sedan
poem furnitures / prophets in pets
these samples / skies in sandals to
the edge and acanthus / take their
lessons / and paint them on
the lodge which / screes in
the hooch / imagine soft citizen
installed by / bewildered window
a head for oyster velvets

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