Friday, May 3, 2019

The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks

there was a sneak peak
of the pulsar plesio centaur romans
pyrex laurels braided through
elephantine architectonic laurels
of radical pastiches
the keynote of a weird conceit
in a microscopic mosaic's
entertainment virus
which flayed out its absient
(puspe-push the pack in the forest comes
hushed around a thrumping thrush)
the desiring machine registers its
alien message on the inner skin skreens
of the visionary dome
where the waning moon gleams
triumphantly above the red towers
whose forsaken city still crowns
the unearthly voice of
doctor garre' the boot collector
of basle who has amassed the finest
collection of chaussures ever known
palmistry of devil birds
inside an avocado

who were the original wearers of these signs
what vivid chronique
could q the hammer made by the well
of its character's hobbies
which were consumbed by both
the holderlin scaphologies
and the jealoussssssssavants
whose hunchbacks were fine savannahs
where the inventors myths
were played out in mashed
amplifications and grangerizations
puppets superluminal to the orbits
they illustrate their shoes
which are horn tongues
in a conscious medium of suffering
the air itself is full of animals
which replace your cells
which are all scarpologists
of grangerized pulsars
made of caesars which gorge
on devonian perverts
who could also be more simply rendered
as "slumbering guests"
or "the piedmontese gallants"
and like sieve in whoch
emotive tension enters your bosom
you meet it where wwhich
and bring your collector's mania
to the tower

right into the sanctity
of the harem
where the cruel king night dung
kept his poor hunchbacked

thriste koinonikós flyaría
meets a pet scrolde
if only memmung could go it alone
if only some weevil villain
would release
a mango mega swarm mimmungen
staffe musicke
who gave orders to matter
when the hamstrung myth
pisses to conception's swail

in postage stamp
hulk washed his bra
but the gold geared kinsmen
march on
and the head can genam
had alread another squirming
handful of monstrs
laid into the press
for milking

misrepresented juices points
key fountain the walls
of the truncated twoer
and omitted the context (shih)
of thee's even haunt's brache
hix shanity bestilled
gehided be-headed
(as a paradox of representation)
the final triumph / no
the purest transcendence
of material agglutination
while the gesellschaftlichternentod
proceeds apace which
lounges with the lizard shoemakers
in the garden of abstract fuzz

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