Friday, May 3, 2019

glimmery in farce (the rhyme)

even pretty furlow
the sign of sun at the cross combustion
the setting of a scene there
before the mythic arcadia

time set before all of time
its actor's aside
ophelia disputes the sun as arrow
the father's warning
and the brother's simple earthing
as all audience become

emptiness forbidden
the lobby of the castle
it does not speak
and thus commences

what help
in mad with love
engraves the arras
its altar medium

day ceases fussing
its orb qualms spiaggiare
even pretty furlow
as sun for time
and time for ophelia
replacing at anther

which both led to audience
and away from the sign
sincero alternating
from around
and through between

the whole whale as thought
having beached itself in head
in form takes a boundary
as the needle takes thread

the sun is paved in warts
orb particles
as the arts invest in a cortical
parting hale in what
is the job of another
its poles to lend
melancholy atmospheres
of elegy

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