Friday, May 3, 2019

whechavverthesnay ale metso po kin

piddling on its head
and log on which it chorded
its sagging jelly horns
for feet in the strings
runned uppag inst tet
assemblages bent as integers
and integers goofed as sets
and sets to be stuffed with states
which might best be expressed
as chains of logic sets chained
piddling on its head
sur and log to which it choaded
and give chaod
code choad choda
chay oda cowda
sur mawzz

tiny transverse road atop the anvils
in which the hot iron sur
levels these sore eagles on their backside
these sure severed bear signs
in their seal and walrus
and in their leafy gorilla castles
gorilla king

early literature
of some large and expressive creature
seeing a smaller one lenti lepid
and giving it reverence

burpiddling on its head
their statuary
in the antique state of clouds
which formed before the naming of pollution
spread to all parts of wi win
ter min tar pond skimmering sea fless sea flea
jugular coral baiting watson
son of violin
and trash violin handles
its hot boiling cauldron head to be carried
by the enslaved and golden
gorilla kings
across the anvil highway
code choda cho-addical

their labelling of the statuary in this way
their right way wrong way
the naming of which it was was never what
but always this what which made it which
instead of what to were

would can know
its limbs
in snails that emblem only in one angle
to the light of a stepping stone
page for griddle snail

soft shelled lanterns
that shat against the mood
stay in sheets of buga
within your regimethal

sign is sure it saw
an outside
to your mess

the string halo of roads that converge on a circle
radiating but then drifting off to the east again
their smeared mirror horns of thought
are temporary in the union open gladness
of sensation

it's a paste brought there
to be in the body
of signs
of the old collective
brain paste machine garden

their flesh itself
the kinstability rapturi piddl co-odd
in dabbujutturring

fless in fleese
its bitter rock candy
the removal of the clanky
that blocked the whole
of the lighshaft

that gave itself
in sighn buy and gheros
to the dark navelle
that mooned its seraph postulates
in honeyed hyena legs
their butterfly suture poems
niss vit vimmer

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