Friday, May 3, 2019


protogon prance the graxle
and ichneumi with
rheumy cyclops eye
it registers to spiral
chute spine dolmen
[threaddeathe] "fragment"

spherle encirlcle the strurlctural memberl
laydagon enclosed
in spherical lizard skin divan sedan
who is cupping venus
with its hands of random combinations
what is beauty in the face of contingency
is beauty's name therefore contention
you can see that venus
and penis (camphorated)
are shareholders in the same
muppets roundtable
but these muppets
are insane and aging
vampire word forms
(tragic default settings noises)
they give thee a tree
in which another tree is growing
for thee
which enters into thee
and begest sommerarbor
digesting raven shaped garden
some deconstructed mythic narratives
are incorporated into a new architectural project
which inheres to some nostalgic vision
of modernism
[threaddeathe] II
and creates
but the entire project
perhaps (werefragment)
incorrectly fabricated
for example
(pattern of splatters reconciled easily by chromatic reference)
entry: mooncameo

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